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Rx Heat is a library of helper classes that complements the Reactive Extensions Library with additional features.

The project comprises a collection of tested features. It includes:

  • RxHeat
    • CachedObservable; perfect for caching and sharing a stream to mitigate expensive subscriptions with semi-static results.
    • Async Observer ForkJoin Helper
    • Trace Observables Helper
      • Overloaded Tracked Subscribe Method
      • Subscription lifecycle and performance tracking
      • Individual item tracing.
  • RxHeat.OData LINQ Observer Helper
    • Paging helper
    • LINQ Wrapper
  • RxHeat.Wpf
    • ObservableCollection async loader
    • INotifyPropertyChanged Helpers
    • Scheduler Helper
  • RxHeat.Tibco7
    • Easily subscribe to Subjects
    • Snap and Update RvCache Subjects website statistics

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